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Mortgage Servicers’ Secret

The secret mortgage servicers don’t want you to know is they can make MORE money off of homeowners when they keep your loan in default. A former employee of loan servicer EMC tells the inside story why so many people can’t get their loan out of default. Duration : 0:4:57 Technorati Tags: auction, consumer, countrywide, […]

Foreclosure Defense Attorney Roy Oppenheim Discusses Bank Fraud and Foreclosures on CBS News Roy Oppenheim of Oppenheim Law is one of the premier foreclosure defense attorneys in the country. He says these three stories on this investigative report by Stephen Stock on CBS4 that aired on September 28, 2010 are the rule rather than the exception. “What they’re trying to do is trying to keep your mortgage […]

Real Estate Vultures

some parts of the country, housing prices are falling at double-digit rates. A bad situation for homeowners, but a possible opportunity for investors. Money reporter Stacy Johnson explores what’s next, and who might benefit… Duration : 0:1:37 Technorati Tags: finance, homeowners, housing, investing, money, news, realestate

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Mortgage News

  • 16.Dec
  • Costs for All-Time Low Mortgage Rates Inch Lower
  • Posted To: Mortgage Rate WatchMortgage Rates experienced another record setting day. While the 3.875% Best-Execution rate remains unchanged on average, the costs involved to obtain that rate reached inched slightly lower to reach a new all-time low. De…

  • 16.Dec
  • Bond Markets Keep Rallying in Low Volume. MBS Hit Multi-Month Highs
  • Posted To: MBS CommentaryThe latest alert on the MBS Live Dashboard at 11:15am works just as well about an hour later to explain current goings on: Dealers Set Em Up, Fed Knocks Em Down. Bonds Rally Post-POMO 11:15 AM The long end of the yield curve ra…